Hang Gliding

Another one of my many hobbies is Hang Gliding. I started back in the early 90's. I quit flying for about seven years due to a combination of work, family and medical reasons. This year I resumed flying once again. At the first of the year I purchsed a Wills Wing Sport 2 135. I am in love with this glider and I'm sure it will bring me much enjoyment for years to come. Here is a picture of it from the day I picked it up at the dealers house.

In addition to Hang Gliding I also enjoy Amateur Radio. I wrote a small program when I was studing for my license to help me study the question pools. If you are interested you can download it for free using the link below.

Ham Test 2009 Software (1.7mb)


I also purchased a Sanyo Xacti HD1A HD video camera to use to capture some of my flights. The camera has worked out great and the videos it produces are awesome. Here are a few videos I have created from the hours of footage I have captured. Most of these are reduced in size to keep the file sizes reasonable for downloading.

Birthday Flight (70.4mb)

Labor Day Flight (60.9mb)

September 23rd, Flight 1 (165mb)

September 23rd, Flight 2 (151mb)

September 23rd, Flight 3 (122mb)

September 23rd, Flight 4 (150mb)

October 6th, Flight 1 (69.4mb)

October 6th, Flight 2 (69.1mb)

1992 Jockeys Ridge Video (11.3mb)

A different view of a scooter launch (14.8mb)

Landings Video (60.9mb)

Thermaling Video (85.1mb)

John Test Flys My Sport 2, Edited Version (153mb)

John Test Flys My Sport 2, Full Flight (109mb)

Short Aero Tow (36.8mb)

Wing Mounted Video (98.5mb)

2007 Video Compilation (106mb)

Another 2007 Video Compilation in HD (119mb)

Video Compilation 2007 in HD (196mb)

Short sled run with new HD1000 Camera and Z5 Harness(87mb)

Wesmar May 10th, 2008 60mb)

HD Version Wesmar May 10th, 2008 260mb)

Wesmar May 24th, 2008 71mb)

HD Version Wesmar May 24th, 2008 154mb)